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هدایت سنج پرتابلAZ- Cond./TDS Meter 8302

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Product Summary

هدایت سنج - تی دی اس متر مدل 8302 کمپانی AZ تایوان

Conductivity Meter also been called as Conductivity Tester or EC meter, it's the device that measure the value of Conductivity in liquid.

TDS Meter also been called as TDS Tester or ppm meter, it's the device that measure the value of Total dissolved solids (TDS) in liquid, both had been widely used in the Water Quality Testing applications.

AZ8302 Conductivity / TDS Meter was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer for Environmental Measuring Instrument.

AZ8302 Cond./TDS Meter features:

*Dual display conductivity or TDS and Temp.

*Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

*Manually Temp. compensation selectable

*Cell constant, normalization Temp. selectable

*Cond. to TDS conversion factor selectable

* دانلود راهنما AZ 8302

Product Description

۰~۱۹۹۹uS/cm Cond.range
 +/-۱% F.S +/-1 digit Cond. accuracy
۰٫۰۵% of Full Scale Cond resolution
۰~۱۹٫۹۹ TDS range
 +/-۱% F.S +/-1 digit TDS accuracy
۰٫۰۵% of Full Scale TDS resolution
N/A Salinity range
N/A salinity accuracy
N/A Salinity resolution
۰~۸۰٫۰°C Temp.range
 +/-۰٫۶°C(<50°C), other range +/-1°C Temp accuracy
۰٫۱ Temp.resolution
۰٫۴~۱٫۰۰ TDS Factor
۰~۱۰٫۰%/°C Temp.Coefficient
۱۵٫۰~۳۰٫۰ °C(adjustable) Normalization Temp
۴۴(H)×۲۶(W)mm LCD Size(mm)
۰~۵۰°C Operationg Temp
Humidity<80% Operationg RH%
 -۰~۶۰°C Storage Temp
Humidity<90% Storage RH%
>6 months (with good maintenace) Sensor life time
۱۷۵(L)×۷۰(W)×۳۳(H) Dimension(mm)
۱۵۰g Weight
AAA×۴Pcs Battery
Meter/Battery/Probe(830P)/Manual/Carry Case Standard Package

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